Palida Emwattana Project 2.2


Project 2.2 - Building

In this phase is continuous with the project of city by choose the building from the city. I chose the building in the middle of the city.

The new building is consist of everything that the old do not have because the old building is the existing building which a normal residence  that surrounding by the new.

The below shows three sections of the building: the shopping mall, the office, and the residence. The ground floor is the old building.

Move to detail of the building, there are three sections of the building: the shopping mall, the office, and the residence. Every section has its own access

As the shopping mall, people can access by the escalator as the side of the building but can also access by the elevator as the hole of the building of the middle. Inside of the shopping mall, it also have its own escalator each of floor for people who do not want to use the elevator. It consists of many facilities like the shop, the restaurant, and the theatre, etc. 

As the office, it is the work space that people come to work with the technology because of the new building. It also has its own escalator by each floor and elevator from the ground floor to go just the office floor specially.

As the residence, there are the elevator in the middle of the building to access specially the residence floor because the residence have to private more than others.

As the roof top , it is the garden there to give a fresh air there.

To get a clearer picture of the building you can see the section of the building at the below 

This is the interior view inside the building that show how the circulation of each floor.